10 Ways to Get Your Yard Ready for Summer

We are finally enjoying sunnier weather here in Hampton Roads! After a few rainy weeks we are so excited to get back out in the garden to celebrate the warmer days and prepare for the upcoming summer months. Curating your outdoor living space is a great way to get involved in what the season has to offer when it comes to plants, patios, and of course, everything in between.

Here is our gardening top 10 on how to prep your yard for summer: 


10. Quick Clean Up

Do a quick clean up of your lawn and garden. Remove twigs, rake up any stray debris, and do any light landscaping to get ready to add in any additional plants to give the garden a bright, clean look. 


9. Weeding

Hand-pull or apply any products to help with weeds that may be occurring in your garden and lawn. This will help add to the clean look of your garden. Stop by and ask our Garden Supply Green Team members to see what weeding solutions might be best for you. 


8. Feed Your Plants

If your garden is looking like it needs a little boost, add water-in or granular fertilizer to your beds and containers. This is a great time to do this as we are about to get longer days of sunshine, which encourages growth. 


7. Make Some Containers

Now that everything is cleaned up, it’s time to decorate. Build yourself some containers to brighten up your porch, patio, or even your pool deck! Come in to ask our Green Team members if you need assistance on great combos or even check out our container blog for more inspiration.  


6. Fill in with Mulch

It’s always a good idea to fill in your beds with mulch if they are looking washed out or need a refresh. See our blog on mulching for awesome details on why you should keep your garden beds freshly mulched all year-round. 


5. Add Some Hanging Baskets

Boost the look of your porch or patio with hanging baskets! These can brighten up a space in a matter of seconds and are easy to take care of all season long. 


PRO-TIP: If you are too busy to pot up containers, you can just drop in a hanging basket and take off the hanger for an instant lushious container!


4. Fill in Your Beds with Blooms

Add some oomph to your garden beds for the warmer months if you haven’t already! There are so many spring annuals and perennial plants to choose from to give your garden that burst of color that will make your beds pop. With Pollinator Palooza coming up, you may even want to add some pollinator favorites!


3. Have Fun and Make it a Theme

Sometimes giving your garden and yard a new aesthetic can help you not only get into the warmer weather, but also bring your whole yard together. Design with a purpose and a plan before starting for the most easy wrap up and clean up each season.


2. Finishing Touches

Give your garden that little bit of personality that will make it truly yours. Items like solar stakes, garden flags, outdoor pillows, and statuary are a great way to fill in those holes. 


1. Patio Furniture

One of the biggest highlights of the warmer months is gathering around for a meal outdoors or just lounging in the sun. We have a wide variety of sets to suit outdoor entertaining any way you need. From relaxing adirondack chairs to entire dining sets, any type of outdoor furniture can really uplift a space for summer! 

Even though we already have a top 10, there are so many tips, tricks, and recommendations that we have for enjoying spring gardening. See our sales page to keep up to date on what’s new and check out the Garden Guru and his webinars with new plants, products, and expert planting advice. To keep inspired and grow with us, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to dig into the joys of gardening!