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We all have a mom in one form or another and recognizing her for everything she has done for us can be overwhelming. Give the mom in your life the gift of gardening this year! Whether it's a new hobby or an old love, gifts for the gardening mom are ones that last a lifetime. Every mom wants flowers, so skip the cut ones this year and give her the blooms that keep on coming. Here are some of our best ideas for mom that will show her that the love between you is only growing. 


Starting your own kitchen garden in your home is not only simple but enjoyable to put together and maintain. Kitchen gardens are designed to be indoor and outdoor spaces that promote the fresh use of fruits, veggies, and herbs.

If you live in the America’s, it’s likely that you have seen one of the smallest bird species in existence: the hummingbird. Often you’ll catch a glimpse of them buzzing around gardens, fields full of blooms, or your local hummingbird feeder.

Not every person has room for an extravagant garden with rows of fresh veggies, huge garden beds full of blooms, and a picturesque yard full of grasses, shrubs, and trees. Most of us have limited space, especially apartment renters and urban dwellers who only have a few feet of outdoor space. Container gardening is the pocket edition of the garden we dream of. Even gardeners that have the sprawling landscape for bed gardening, lawns, and trees still can enjoy container gardening in their homes and on the porch.

Spring is here and there is no better way to celebrate the great weather than planting your own flower garden to enjoy every day of the season! Flowering annuals, perennials, and shrubs are a must for spring garden beds and containers. Enjoying your blooming garden doesn’t have to stop at your front door either. You can bring the outside in by planting and potting flowering plants that you can cut to place in your favorite vase and decorate any interior space.