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The stunning colors and striking shapes of celosia flowers offer great versatility in the garden. This tender annual remains fearless in the heat of the summer sun and produces an abundance of blooms in dazzling red, yellow, cream, orange, rose, deep magenta, and pink. It will grow in most any type of soil - even heavy clay - as long as they are in full sun. Celosia is available in three different types plumes, crests, or spikes; simply described as plumes of jewel-colored feathers, wrinkly-looking knobs, or elongated cones.

Vitex (chaste tree) is a beautiful, small deciduous tree or large multi-trunked shrub. Often mistaken for butterfly bush, this beauty grows to about 15 to 20-feet tall and wide, with a sprawling growth habit. Gray-green foliage and large spikes of lavender to purple flowers appear during the blistering heat of summer/late summer and into early fall. Its foliage and blooms are irresistible to bees and also draws visits from butterflies and hummingbirds.

It’s that coneflower time of year, and while other plants may be taking a break from our summer heat, coneflowers (echinacea) are flourishing. If you are a coneflower lover (and even if you’re not), then you’ll love these colorful coneflower selections in sunset shades of orange and pink.

As the threat of Isaias approaches, we’ve prepared a checklist to prepare your landscape for the winds and flooding Hampton Roads may experience. Download now and stay safe!

Written by McDonald Garden Center Founder, Eddie Anderson

McDonald Garden Center founder Eddie Anderson has always had a passion for plants, especially houseplants and tropical plants. Eddie is still involved in houseplant buying as well as offering strategies on merchandising and selling to the McDonald Garden Center stores and Garden Markets.