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We are finally enjoying sunnier weather here in Hampton Roads! After a few rainy weeks we are so excited to get back out in the garden to celebrate the warmer days and prepare for the upcoming summer months. Curating your outdoor living space is a great way to get involved in what the season has to offer when it comes to plants, patios, and of course, everything in between.

Containers are a huge part of gardening and creating them yourself is even more fun! Making your own combination of plants is an amazing way to get into gardening or to be creative using the skills you already have. For Container Days this year, we have put together a list of our favorite recipes so you can get inspired to DIY your own containers! 



We love seeing busy bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds flitting about the garden center as they pollinate our vast collection of plants. It tells us that the warm weather is here to stay and sunny days are ahead of us! You too can have these famed garden visitors in your neck of the woods by placing the blooms, foliage, and products they love to eat and drink from in your garden. 


There is nothing like a fresh tomato picked straight from the vine and perfectly placed in your favorite sandwich or tossed salad. It’s time to start planting up these delectable delights for harvest later in the summer here in the Hampton Roads area. But with so many choices when it comes to varieties and flavors, what should you pick? We are here to help with our top 5 tomato choices from Chef Jeff’s for this 2022 spring season as well as some tips to get those tomatoes on your plate as soon as possible.