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We all want dramatic curb appeal in our landscapes and colorful pansies are the perfect choice. Pansies are one of the garden’s most versatile and easiest-to-grow flowers, bringing charm and cheer to the fall and spring garden. These hardy annuals can actually make it through frosts — and even single-digit temperatures — and some varieties rebound in the spring. The hardest part about growing pansies is choosing the color! Nowadays, you can select from hundreds of varieties in a rainbow of colors and growing habits.

Grab a knife and spread on the flavor with McDonald Garden Center's three NEW additions to our line of jams, jellies, preserves, fruit butters and sauces. Crafted locally from Virginia grown produce, these products offer the utmost quality at an affordable price. Our branded foods are made using the finest ingredients with methods established in the 1920’s. Whether it's a jam, jelly, salsa or dressing—you'll find the freshest, most flavorful ingredients in every bite.

Like many of you, our staff here at McDonald Garden Center loves to garden, so we’ve reached out to our Green Team members at both our Independence and Great Neck locations and asked them to pick their fall favs to share with you. From gorgeous annuals and perennials to unique houseplants to gardening gadgets and more, our staff is excited to share some of their top picks. You’re sure to discover a new favorite too!

Meghan + Sunshine Ligustrum

Ornamental grasses are one of the toughest, undemanding, waterwise and quite possibly one of the most practical but under-appreciated perennials in the garden. Large or small, grass brings rich texture, contrast and movement to most any space throughout all seasons. Ornamental grasses are beautiful in beds, borders, on slopes, or in containers. Unlike flowers and shrubs, perennial grasses don’t need much pampering. Once established, they are typically drought tolerant and need little to no fertilizing. In spring, cut them back, right above the root line, to encourage fresh new growth.

Autumn isn't just for pumpkins and mums. While trees and shrubs begin showing off their fall foliage and begin to bloom, you can also add a little pop to your garden by planting a few fall-blooming celosias that will infuse stunning color up until the first frost. This super tough, drought-resistant annual is adored for its unusual style and texture. It comes in an array of vibrant colors including red, yellow, cream, orange, rose, deep magenta and pink.