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Now that the holiday season has officially commenced, it’s time to start thinking about what gifts to give to your gardening friends and family. There are just so many options from ornaments to lights, poinsettias, and more. We’ve narrowed it down to our favorites of the season for an easy go-to guide when you’re shopping at our stores!

Custom Bows 

In the Hampton Roads area, gardening is a hobby that lasts all year round. Our founder, Eddie Anderson, loves to veggie garden even when the weather starts to cool down. Mr. Anderson has given us some great information through this blog on how you can extend your seasonal gardening by planting onions & garlic. 


Before you deck out your Christmas tree with ornaments, picks, and ribbon, you need to start with a great shape. The shape of a lifelike tree not only helps with holding your dazzling trinkets but will also give your tree a more realistic look.

Dazzle your guests this holiday season with the one and only McDonald Garden Center butter board! You only need a few fantastic ingredients to get started: 

Mums, pansies, and pumpkins line the doorways of homes all across Hampton Roads, especially for this upcoming weekend of tricks and treats. However, what about your indoor decor? Beyond the creepy crawlies, wicked witches, and the monsters under your bed, there is one thing you probably need more of to complete your haunted home: succulents and cacti!