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Can you believe it’s already time to start thinking about fall? For veggie gardeners, now is the perfect time to start planning and sewing seeds for your fall veggie garden. Sowing your own veggie seeds seems simple enough, but we can help you be even more successful in the garden with these handy hints. 


5. Directly Sow Your Leafy Veggies - 

During the warmest months of the year, keeping your plants fed is an important part of helping them not only survive but thrive. We love to see our plants looking happy, so why not give them a little help? Here is the best information for keeping your plants growing beautifully all summer long.

Granular vs. Liquid

Some very sad news has crossed the world this past Thursday, July 21st, as our beloved Monarch butterflies are officially on the “Red List”. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) added the Monarch butterfly to their endangered species list, as numbers have plummeted in the past few decades.

Now that the weather is heating up, it’s time to use that garden you planted this past spring. The herbs, berries, and other fruits that you are growing are not only great to combine in a summer salad or dessert, they are also perfect for summer garden-inspired cocktails. Make sitting out on the porch even more relaxing with a cold glass of your garden’s most tasty and refreshing rewards. We have put together 3 of our favorite cocktails from some of Hampton Road’s most popular plants of the season.  

Crepe Myrtles are iconically known as one of Hampton Roads’ most popular trees. You can find them lined up on busy street medians, in your local parks, or even by your neighbors mailbox, they’re everywhere! But why? What are the biggest reasons that crepe myrtles are so famed and fabulous in coastal Virginia? We have collected a list of 5 important reasons on why you should definitely plant them in your landscape as well.