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One of the most important aspects of spring that is often overlooked is mulch! Keeping your garden beds mulched not only looks good but helps your plants and trees from attracting pests and disease throughout the years. Spring is a great time to re-mulch your beds because you are also planting up new annuals and even redoing your landscape altogether.


Spring is coming into bloom and that means that our beloved McDonald Garden Markets will be starting up in a neighborhood near you! Each spring, our Markets provide a piece of the plants, products, and education that our year-round locations have to offer. As we enter our 12th season, we have asked our owner, Mark Anderson, for his perspective on our Garden Markets. 

Spring is on the horizon and we are gearing up for our favorite season of the year here at the garden center. As these cooler months warm-up, it is important to prep for spring blooms and edible gardens by knowing the right steps to achieve the perfect spring garden. 

Some things that you will need to start thinking about: 

Finding the perfect gift for your valentine is a deceivingly difficult task. Amongst the chocolates and carnations, how are you supposed to find something unique for your sweetheart? Good thing we are here to help! We have selected the best of blooms, the most fantastic foliage, as well as great gifts and more for your favorite garden-loving person this Valentine’s Day. 


Part of loving and caring for our houseplants is also keeping an eye out for things that may hurt them. Pests are a part of life, but there are a variety of ways to treat and resolve any problems that they may cause. Learning what these pests are, how to find them, and how to get rid of them is key to spotting them early enough to give your plants the treatment they need.