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Keeping your houseplants happy during the chillier months of the year is sometimes an unpredictable task. One moment your plant could be looking great, the next it isn’t and you’re left wondering, “What went wrong?”  We are here to help keep your houseplants looking and feeling their best, even though the cold and dry winter months. We have collected our top 5 tips for winterizing your houseplants, straight from the Green Team experts. 


If you love houseplants, you have definitely stumbled upon a calathea. Whether it was in a garden center near you or scrolling through your Instagram feed, these incredible tropical foliage plants are just to die for visually.

Sharpen your pruners and get ready to groom! Keeping your plants looking fresh is an important aspect to upholding your garden’s happy and healthy appearance. It’s not only important to cut back any wayward branches, but also to groom the plants to your liking. Are you trying to shape them a certain way? Do you want to control the size of the plant? These reasons and more are great inspirations to get out in the garden to prune your landscape’s trees and shrubs.


The McDonald Garden Center Landscape Design and Installation division is one of the cornerstones of our organization. Landscapes are a way for gardeners to express themselves, and their space, while enjoying all the outdoors has to offer. For National Birding Day, we consulted one of our expert designers, Lisa Hulme, to tell us about how winter birding can be a great way to add features to your landscape as well as invite more feathered friends in your garden. 


As the new year comes around, we anticipate the many months full of gardening! At the beginning of the year though, it is hard to realize our gardening dreams in the chilling months of January and February. Although cold, these months are perfect for one of our favorite gardening habits: Houseplants! With houseplants, you can garden any time of the year, no matter the weather. If you are already an avid houseplant gardener, it is always great to pick up a new plant to try for the new year!