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McDonald Garden Center welcomes National Pollinator Week as one of the most anticipated events of the year! We are celebrating this week-long event by dedicating it to the conservation and education of local pollinators in the Hampton Roads area and all around the world. 

National Pollinator Week is almost here! McDonald Garden Center, along with the rest of America, will be celebrating this week-long event June 21st - 27th! This week is dedicated to the conservation and education of our favorite friendly fliers.

The past two weeks in June, we have had a “Pollinator of the Week” blog on the amazing pollinators we know and love.  

To celebrate the upcoming 2021 National Pollinator Week, June 21st - 27th, we are celebrating our favorite pollinators and plants that help the world go-round. 

Pollinators are more than just bugs that like flowers. These insects and animals are an essential part of gardening and the greater world when it comes to planting cultivation and care. Without pollinators, we wouldn’t have the agricultural industry that exists around the world. Every time you take a bite of your favorite fruit or veggie, a pollinator likely took part in getting that food to you. 

Memorial Day is so much more than having a barbeque and an extra-long weekend. On Memorial Day, we honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country and mourn with the families who have suffered from this incredible loss. McDonald Garden Center has been honored to serve the military men and women of Hampton Roads for over 75 years.