5 Best Ways to Keep Your Garden Happy In the Heat

During the hottest times of the year, it is sometimes difficult to keep your garden happy and healthy. Extra high temperatures can cause stress on your plants, which can lead to other problems, like pests and disease. To avoid these issues, your plants just need a little more TLC in the summer, and we are here to help make that happen. 

5. Keep an Eye Out for Pests and Disease

Are you noticing nibble marks or declining foliage on your plants? This could be a pest or disease problem. Although there are plants that we want to see eaten, like milkweed and other pollinator host plants, there are definitely plants that we do not want to see declining, like our trees, shrubs, and other perennial plants. If you have a concern about a pest or disease problem, bring a leaf and stem sample to our garden supply Green Team members so they can diagnose the problem and lead you to the best solution.

4. Don’t Let the Weeds get the Best of You

Even though our plants grow profusely this time of year, so do the weeds! Keeping your garden beds and lawn weeded is important to keeping your plants healthy. Weeds get in the way of your plant’s light source, soil nutrients, and even water, so it is essential to get those weeds out of the ground when you see them. 

PRO-TIP: During this season, it is hard to weed during the regular day hours because it is just too hot. Try to schedule your weeding times for the very early morning, or late in the evening, to avoid that heat as best as you can.

3. Trim the Plants that Need It

Lightly trimming your plants during the warm season is a good way to encourage better growth. Light pruning of all your trees and shrubs is encouraged, and sometimes necessary, in the summer months. However, be careful to not take too much off the top, because this can inhibit your plant’s growth pattern. 

2. Mulching: Your New Bestie

Mulching not only keeps your plant’s roots warm in the winter, it keeps them cool in the summer! Mulching this time of year, especially if you missed your last mulching cycle, can really benefit your plants during the summer months. Not only does it cool the roots down, but it limits the evaporation that occurs during hotter temperatures, which keeps the soil watered for longer. For more information on why keeping your garden mulched is so important, check out our blog here

1. Water, Water, Water

A continuous and consistent watering schedule is the number one priority when it comes to keeping your plants happy throughout the summer months. This schedule will differ depending on if the plant is in the ground or if it is in a container. It is also dependent on the type of plants that need watering. For example, an outdoor agave needs less water than an annual hanging basket would. Generally, for annuals you will want to water every day in the heat of the summer, especially if they are in containers. For other plants, pay attention to the weather and water accordingly with the rain. 

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