5 Spectacular Ideas for Using Hanging Baskets

When you are looking for a way to bring your eyes upward in your yard, on your porch, or even in your home, hanging baskets have you covered. Whether it’s outdoor blooms, edible plants, or even houseplants, the possibilities are endless with hanging baskets. Follow our top 5 ideas for spectacular hanging baskets with tips and tricks on how to use, design, and maximize your vertical space. 


  1. Starting Simple - 

The first thing we all think of with hanging baskets is convenience. Hanging baskets are usually pre-planted and ready to hang as soon as you get home. Selecting the perfect basket starts with knowing what you need. Is the place you want to put the basket shady or sunny? What color scheme are you trying to achieve? Do you have a plant preference? These things are good to know before coming to the garden center and picking out your basket. If you are still wary of your decision, ask one of our Green Team members for assistance while you're shopping for expert advice.  


  1. Beyond Plastic -

Wanting something a little different than plastic hanging baskets? A great way to go green and have the same baskets year after year is cast iron and coco liners. Coco liners are a great alternative to plastic as it is a natural way to keep the plant together while still letting the water drain through. It can be used for many years, but once it is broken down, don’t throw it away! Coco liner is a great soil amendment and can be torn up and added to your compost as it is also biodegradable. Cast iron hanging baskets don’t only look regal but are a great way to keep the coco liner’s shape throughout the season. 


  1. No Room to Hang - 

Some of us do not have a porch or patio space or the ability to actually hang our hanging baskets. You do not have to avoid that beautiful petunia basket any longer because there are ways to get around this issue.  


  • Shepherd Hooks - These are a great way to hang up baskets if you are not able to hang them on a porch or patio. You just need ground space or a pot full of soil to stick the hook into and then hang the basket on the hook. These are also great for hanging hummingbird and bird feeders to pair with your hanging baskets.


  • Quick Containers - If you are trying to fill some containers quickly for an event, a great way to do that is with hanging baskets. Since many hanging baskets are pre-planted and sometimes come as combinations, they are perfect for pot-ups. If you don’t have the time to pot up the container you are using, just take the hook off the hanging basket and place it inside the container. If the container is too deep or wide, just add some bricks or an overturned smaller pot to hold the basket up at the right height.


  1. Spectacular Combos 

If you are someone who wants the full look immediately in your porch or patio containers, this tip is for you. Hanging basket combos are great to just drop in, pot and all, into a container for a quick fix. But, you can also use them to make a combo container. 


  • Start by prepping your container with potting soil and any plant food that would benefit the container plants over the season. Try our McDonald Garden Center Greenleaf granular plant food when potting up your custom container.  


  • Then, gently take the hanging basket out of its plastic container and break the roots up gently with your fingers until you have the hanging basket in multiple pieces. You can probably break a hanging basket into 3 or 4 good chunks to spread around the container or even multiple containers.


  • Then you will want to add plants to “Thrill” and “Spill”. For example, if you are planting a pink petunia hanging basket, a good thriller would be a cordyline spike and a good spiller maybe a sweet potato vine. For more information on our thriller, filler, spiller method, check out our blog on containers here


  1. Hanging Out Indoors

Even though the spring is in full swing, there are still baskets like ferns and cacti that are great for your indoor space. When looking for a way to hang your indoor plants, cast iron may be too heavy and plastic may not be decorative enough for your living space. Try hanging your potted indoor plants with macrame hangers. These easy, braided fabric hangers are not only functional but also very trendy for indoor living. Just place your planted pot in the hanger carefully and attach it to a hook in the ceiling. Make sure you are attaching your hook into a beam or a sturdy structure as drywall may not hold a heavier container.

Check out Mike, the Garden Guru's seminar on Creative Ways to Use Hanging Baskets for more tips and tricks!