5 Tips for When You are Sowing Your Fall Veggies

Can you believe it’s already time to start thinking about fall? For veggie gardeners, now is the perfect time to start planning and sewing seeds for your fall veggie garden. Sowing your own veggie seeds seems simple enough, but we can help you be even more successful in the garden with these handy hints. 


5. Directly Sow Your Leafy Veggies - 

Did you know certain veggies, like kale and lettuce, don’t have to be started? You can plant the seeds directly in your garden now! Whether you have a raised bed or you are planting directly in the ground, after your soil is amended you can sew rows of these leafy greens instead of starting them inside or through starter pots. Just make sure to fan out the leaves as they grow to keep airflow between the plants. 


4. Save Some Space with Radishes and Carrots -

When sewing radishes and carrots together, you can save more space per row of seeds because the turnips will almost always be ready to pull before the carrots need the room. Make more out of your gardening space with these veggies!

3. Have The Best Solution on Hand - 

BT or Bacillus Thuringiensis is a great, organic living bacteria solution that keeps common pests like cabbage looper, cabbage skipper, and moth worms from eating all your veggies’ foliage. Spray this product and/or any other bacteria-based formulas in the evening to be most effective. UV rays during the day can break down the beneficial bacteria prematurely.  


2. Sow in the Right Soil - 

Espoma Seed Starter is a great way to get your seeds off to their best start. This light and airy mix also contain beneficial mycorrhizal fungi that are perfect for feeding and hosting seeds in their starter pots, indoors and outdoors. Pair this mix-up with compostable pots to create an easy starter for the planting process later in the season.


1. Soak Bigger Seeds - 

Larger seeds like beets, chard, and peas can be soaked for 24 hours in water to speed up germination to have those plants started even faster. This can also be accomplished by covering them in a wet paper towel and then placed in a plastic bag. 


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