7 Best Ways to Use Pansies this Fall

Pansies are one of the toughest and most beautiful annuals that we carry here at the garden center. Year after year, there is no getting tired of them, with new varieties that come out, the wide range of colors, and their versatility in the garden. But is there really only one way to plant pansies? Of course not! Pansies can be used in a variety of ways to make your fall even more fabulous.  

7. In An Edible Garden -

While you are plotting out this year’s fall vegetable garden with your favorite kales, carrots, and herbs, why not add a few pansies in there? They are edible after all! Add pansy blooms to your favorite salads, soups, desserts, and even drinks, all season long for an extra fall flare to your culinary creation, as well as your veggie garden. 

6. Arrange Indoors -

Pansies are known for being your outdoor fall and winter pals - but what about bringing that fall color inside? As long as you have very bright light, pansies can be grown indoors through window sills, or even grow lights. However, if you are just looking for some temporary fall decor, pansies also make beautiful combinations, with pumpkins and mums, for an unforgettable tablescape.

5. As a Winter Companion Plant - 

Here in Hampton Roads, pansies are not only fall plants, but winter ones too! Many pansies stay looking as brilliant in March as when they were planted in October. This makes them perfect for pairing with later-blooming plants like tulips and daffodils, or even equally long-lasting plants like ornamental kale. This gives you a gorgeous low-maintenance arrangement that can take you through the entire holiday season. 

4. Mass Plantings - 

Mass plantings of colorful blooms are always a great option when you are looking to make an impact. Pansies are a great annual to do this with, as they are long-lasting and need minimal maintenance throughout the time they are planted. Through mass planting, you can get creative with color-blocking, and other processes to make your pansy planting unique to you. 

3. Windowboxes/Hanging Baskets - 

Your summer boxes and baskets don’t need to hang up their towels for the season yet! Create an arrangement of pansies that can dazzle your vertical landscape all season long. Pair up window baskets with fall and winter herbs and hanging baskets with trailing grasses for added dimension. 

2. In the Ground -

Always a classic option for pansies, planting them directly in the ground is the most common use for pansies. Dot your landscape elegantly with a variety of colors, add a pansy border to your beds, or even just fill in the holes that your landscape needs to give some simple pops of color. 

1. In Porch Containers -

Building containers are one of our favorite ways to garden here at MGC and yet another great way to use pansies. Combine pansies with just about any fall plant you can think of- other annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, and even certain houseplants to give your container the pop of color that it needs To get even more inspired, check out the Garden Guru’s video here for more ideas. 


There are probably hundreds of other ways to use pansies, so stay in the loop and check out the Garden Guru and his webinars with new plants, products, and expert planting advice. To keep inspired and grow with us, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok to dig into the joys of gardening!