Back to School, Take a Friend!

Sharpen your number 2 pencils, grab those protractors, and dig out that trapper keeper- because it’s back to school time! And as we prepare for the year ahead, adding plants to your dorm, classroom, or office is enough to put the “fresh” in freshman. 

Plants are proven to improve your mood (we’re looking at you, quadratic equations) as well as be something to guide you through those rough spots of the year. Finding fun houseplants to pair with your bookshelf, windowsill, or desk is a great way to add life to a new space and school year. We have some great pre-planted items that are sure to give you that “it’s pizza day!” feeling, all semester long. 


Here are our top 3 suggestions for the perfect back-to-school plant pal. 


1. Compact

When traveling near or far, taking something with you that is easy to hold or place on the floor of the car is essential to having a good dorm plant. Even when you get to your new space, you are not going to be completely sure how much room you have until you get there. So, it’s always good to pick a plant that is going to fit on a desk or a windowsill.


2. Versatile

When it comes to houseplant types, there are hundreds of different varieties to choose from. But knowing that your space may lack windows, be cooler in temperature, or might be small, it is good to pick plants that can deal with a good amount of stress. Here are some of our recommended varieties, many of which also come pre-planted. 


  • Snake Plants - Can tolerate very low light, little water, and have interesting shapes for visual intrigue.
  • ZZ Plants - Can tolerate low light, little water, and add glossy foliage to a space. 
  • Succulents - Very easy when it comes to watering but they also love lots of light.
  • Airplants - These plants are soilless and just need to be misted/ soaked a few times a week. 


If you know you will be lacking light, no worries! We also sell grow lights so your plants can stay happy and healthy. For more information, check out Mike, the Garden Guru’s seminar on grow lights here


3. Themed

When picking out plants and planters, it is also important to think about the theme you are going for in your space. Match your pots and plants depending on what you like, whether it's the color or the style, as there are many opportunities to make a statement! We have many pre-potted items with modern themes as well as fun and quirky planters.


For more information on houseplants, visit one of our stores to ask one of our Green Team houseplant experts, or visit our houseplants page here