Everything You Need to Know About Our Fresh Cut Trees

The holiday season is synonymous with the warmth of family gatherings, twinkling lights, and the centerpiece of it all—the Christmas tree. Whether you're a long-time tree aficionado or a newcomer to the fresh-cut tree tradition, ensuring your tree maintains its vibrant beauty throughout the season requires a little care and attention. To help you keep your tree looking its best, here are five essential tips:


Fresh Cut Trees
Fresh Cut Trees
Fresh Cut Trees
Fresh Cut Trees
Fresh Cut Trees

1. Choose a Healthy Tree:

Selecting a healthy tree is the first step to ensuring its longevity. When choosing a fresh-cut tree, examine its needles closely. They should be resilient, flexible, and firmly attached to the branches. Gently run your hand along a branch; if the needles easily fall off, it might not be the freshest choice.


2. Properly Hydrate Your Tree:

Upon bringing your tree home, the first thing it needs is water. We trim off about half an inch from the base to expose fresh wood for you here at McDonald Garden Center, allowing the tree to absorb water more efficiently. Immediately place the tree in water—a stand that holds at least a gallon is recommended. Check the water level daily and ensure it never drops below the base of the trunk. A well-hydrated tree is a happy tree!


3. Keep it Cool and Away from Heat Sources:

Your beautiful tree will thrive in a cooler environment. Position it away from heat sources such as radiators, fireplaces, and direct sunlight, or even a National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Moment! These sources can dry out the tree quickly, leading to premature needle shedding and a shortened lifespan. Maintaining a cooler room temperature will help your tree stay fresher for longer.


4. Regularly Check and Maintain Lights:

Stringing lights on the tree is a cherished tradition, but it's essential to ensure they're in good condition and don't cause any hazards. Use LED lights that emit less heat, reducing the risk of drying out the tree. We sell some amazing Lumineo LED string lights at both of our year-round locations that are perfect for fresh cut trees. For incandescent lights, check for any damaged bulbs or frayed wires that might pose a fire hazard. It's also advisable to turn off the lights when leaving the house or going to bed as a precautionary measure.


5. Clean Up Fallen Needles and Hydrate Regularly:

As part of your tree care routine, make it a habit to tidy up fallen needles regularly. While some needle shedding is natural, excessive amounts could signal dehydration. Additionally, continue to monitor the water level in the tree stand, refilling it as needed to ensure the tree remains hydrated throughout the season.


Caring for a fresh-cut tree doesn't have to be daunting. By following these five simple yet effective tips, you can ensure your tree remains a stunning centerpiece, filling your home with holiday cheer throughout the festive season. To learn more about what’s growing on at the garden center, check out Mike, the Garden Guru, and his webinars with new plants, products, and expert planting advice. To keep inspired and grow with us, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok to dig into the joys of gardening!