How to Celebrate Earth Day Through Gardening

Earth Day comes around every year to remind us about the importance of conservation so we can keep using the planet we love so much! If you’re a gardener, Earth Day is every day that you go out to dig in your beds to enjoy nature’s gifts. Getting out in the garden this Earth Day is one of the best ways to celebrate. If you need some inspiration to get started, that’s what we’re here for! 


Choose to Reuse and Recycle -

When you bring your plants home to put in the garden, they often come in plastic pots and trays. Don’t throw these away after you’re finished planting! Either reuse them for other seedlings or bring them back to us for our Recycling Program where we can save them for the next round of gardeners who are looking for containers. 


Grow Organically - 

Helping out the Earth can be a change as small as picking out the right product for your garden. We carry a variety of options for growing organically at our stores, from the plants we carry, to the plant foods and products we use to help them grow. One of our favorite organic brands that we carry is Espoma. This company carries products like Biotone Starter plus with all natural micro rhizomes to help your plants establish a healthy root system right at planting. We also carry worm castings, which are perfect for vegetable gardening. If you are looking for more all-natural alternatives for your gardening habits, ask one of our Green Team members in-store for assistance. 


Attract Pollinators to your Garden - 

Who doesn’t love a pollinator? These special creatures are intensely important to our Earth’s health. Attempt to attract all types of beneficial bugs, birds, bees and bats to live in your yard through pollinator plants, feeders, and homes for them to live in. Bees will help your garden by pollinating your annuals and other blooming plants. Encouraging bees in your yard could be as simple as hanging a bee house or just potting up a container with your favorite blooms. Butterflies and hummingbirds are also great attractions to enjoy flying around your garden.


Ask An Expert - 

Our McDonald Garden Center staff offers a wealth of knowledge on how to keep it green. From our Garden Centers and Markets to our Landscaping division, you’ll have no shortage of people who are dedicated to your personal garden mission. If you just need a couple tips and tricks, feel free to ask one of our Green Team members in-store. If you are looking for an all-natural overhaul of your garden, our Landscape Design and Installation Division is a great place to start. We offer a variety of landscape design services geared toward protecting and maintaining an environmentally responsible footprint. Plants can be used for natural buffers and barriers, as well as natural ways to control erosion. From rain gardens to green roofs, come in and let us help you determine how you can make positive impacts on our planet.


Starting with the basics is the best way to keep it green in the garden. Extend your knowledge of green gardening through our blogs as well as our Instagram and Facebook pages. Gardening organically and sustainably is a simple way to spread the word about how fun celebrating the Earth can be!