How to Make a Holiday Butter Board

Dazzle your guests this holiday season with the one and only McDonald Garden Center butter board! You only need a few fantastic ingredients to get started: 

  • Your choice of spreadable butter
  • A jar of McDonald Garden Center’s Christmas Jam
  • A jar of McDonald Garden Center’s Blackberry Preserves 
  • A jar of Local, Pure Honey
  • Seasonal Garnishes


To make your butter board, you will want to start by creating little scoops of butter to press onto your board. This is done easily with a spoon. Then place your butter dollop on the board and press it into the board with the back of your spoon to give it shape. 

Next, you will want to do the same process with our Christmas Jam and Blackberry preserves. This jam is made from your favorite local flavors of strawberries and cranberries. We also added in the blackberries for a different flavor and color to contrast.