How to Make A Scarecrow

Our Make A Scarecrow Event is coming up this weekend so we wanted to teach you how to make a scarecrow that'll not only protect your garden from pesky pests but also become the talk of the neighborhood all while donating to a great cause for the Children’s Hospital for the King’s Daughters (CHKD). Grab your creative juices and let's get started!


Step 1: Find Your Scarecrow Frame

When making your scarecrow, it’s important to start with a strong base. All of our scarecrows are made with a t-shaped, wooden stake and a gallon-sized milk jug for a head. That's right, step one is a breeze. Your scarecrow frame is ready to go! All you need to do is find it, and you're off to a great start.


Step 2: Pants and Suspenders

Now, here's where the fun begins. Grab a pair of old pants and slide them up the frame, making it look like your scarecrow is casually hanging out. To make sure they stay up, fashion some suspenders out of twine. It's like dressing up your scarecrow in style! Tie one end to a belt loop, pull it over to the opposite back belt loop, and tie it off. Repeat for the other side. Don't forget to tie off the pant legs with some twine and stuff them with straw.


Step 3: The Stylish Shirt

Select a shirt and slide the frame through the sleeves and tie off the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt with twine. Give it a bit of that scarecrow charm by stuffing the shirt with straw. We're making scarecrow couture here, after all! 


Step 4: The Face and Burlap

It's time to give your scarecrow some personality! Cover the milk jug head with burlap and tie it off at the bottom with twine to hold it securely in place. This is where your artistic talents come into play. Get creative in designing the face! Maybe your scarecrow will be smiling, winking, or giving a sly grin. And here's the best part – there are accessories available to help you in this quest. Think hats, scarves, or even a quirky mustache made of felt.


Step 5: Finishing Touches

Congratulations, your basic scarecrow is ready to shine! But why stop there when you can add some fantastic finishing touches? Use straw to stuff any gaps, creating that perfect, plump appearance. Got some old fabric lying around? Glue it on to make some patches, giving your scarecrow a well-loved and worn look. If you have any spare clothing items like hats, gloves, scarves, or shoes, don't hesitate to add them. It's all about enhancing the character of your scarecrow.


Crafting your very own scarecrow is not only a fun and creative endeavor but also a fantastic way to add some unique personality to your outdoor space. Get your family involved, have a scarecrow-making party, and watch your garden guardian come to life. Happy crafting, and may your scarecrow bring fall vibes to your home. To learn more about what’s growing on at the garden center, check out Mike, the Garden Guru, and his webinars with new plants, products, and expert planting advice. To keep inspired and grow with us, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok to dig into the joys of gardening!