Must-Have Summer Annuals

Looking for plants you can trust to create a beautiful, easy-to-maintain garden? Get growing with this season's must-have annuals by Proven Winners. These sun-lovers can take the heat giving you mega color all summer long. Here's our favorite proven performers...

Angelface Angelonia - Beautiful flowering thriller with violet flowers. Angelonia are heat-loving plants that will grow most vigorously and bloom best when the heat is on. The plants are easy care with no deadheading needed.

Laguna Sky Blue Lobelia - Soft-blue cascading flowers will bloom all season. This stunning annual offers cascading, well-branched flowers and is the perfect trailing spiller plant in combination planters.

Sweet Caroline Sweet Potato Vine - This trailing foliage plant in chartreuse makes a great spiller plant in container combos. It has excellent heat tolerance and is a vigorous grower.

Blue My Mind Evolvulus - True blue flowers and fuzzy, silvery-green foliage define this extremely heat tolerant annual.

Luscious Marmalade Lantana - Heat and drought tolerant annual with a mounding habit. Fragrant flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

Royale Chambray Verbena - Vigorous and mounded, but will trail over the sides of containers. They will function as both spillers and fillers in combination planters and are best planted at the front of landscape beds.

Limoncello Petunia - Large, soft yellow blossoms appear on trailing plants all season without deadheading. Vigorous with slightly mounded habits that function as both fillers and spillers in containers.