Our Top 5 Porch-Worthy Container Ideas

Attention plant enthusiasts and outdoor aficionados! Are you ready to take your porch pot game to the next level? Look no further because we’ve got you covered, bringing you the most porch-worthy container ideas that will have your neighbors green with envy. Let's dive in!


The Thriller, Filler, Spiller:

The most classic McDonald Garden Center container of them all is the “Thriller,  Filler, Spiller” container. This is when you combine 3 different types of plants that compliment each other with different attributes. Your thriller should be your most dazzling plant, thrillers also tend to have height to them. The filler is a plant that both takes up space while also complimenting the thriller, and the spiller is a plant that trails out of the pot, creating a dynamic container that takes your eye in all directions. 

The great thing about the thriller, filler, spiller container is that you can apply it to all types of plants. Just ask our Green Team members what you are looking to do for your garden and they’ll be able to direct you to the perfect plant combo. 

The Tropical Sanctuary:

Who needs an expensive vacation when you can have a tropical paradise right on your porch? Transform your outdoor space into a lush getaway by selecting large foliage plants like banana trees or a bird of paradise. Add some colorful bromeliads, cordylines, and ferns for a textural pop. Don't forget to bring out the piña coladas and put on some tropical tunes to complete the vibe. Welcome to paradise!

The Ageless Annuals:

Classic never goes out of style. Embrace a touch of nostalgia with an old-school container garden. Opt for traditional, cottage-style flowers like petunias, geraniums, and zinnias. Pair them with vintage-inspired containers like, decorative terracotta pots, for an extra dose of rustic charm. With this container idea, you'll be transported back to an era where front porches were the center of the neighborhood.

The Edible Delights:

Why not make your porch both beautiful and delicious? Cultivate a mouth watering container garden by growing your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Mix aromatic herbs like basil, mint, and thyme or create a tower of strawberries with one of our strawberry pots. Not only will you have a visually appealing display, but you'll also have a fresh supply of ingredients for your culinary adventures. Your porch will be a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds!

The Succulent Sensation:

Embrace the charm of succulents and create a stunning display of texture and color. Combine different varieties of succulents in an assortment of sizes, shapes and textures. From soft echeveria to spiky haworthia, let these low-maintenance beauties bring a modern and sleek look to your shady porch. If you want to keep your succulent containers outside all year, try perennial succulents and sedum for a taste of the desert look. 

There you have it, porch enthusiasts! Our top 5 porch-worthy container ideas are sure to elevate your outdoor space to new heights. We have everything you need for the perfect container to suit your style during our Container Days event this May 26th-29th, 2023. To learn more about what’s growing on at our garden center, check out Mike, the Garden Guru, and his webinars with new plants, products, and expert planting advice. To keep inspired and grow with us, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok to dig into the joys of gardening!