The Silent Plant Auction

In all the years that McDonald Garden Center has been around, houseplants have always been a priority and passion for our founder, Eddie Anderson. Houseplants are not only a fun and easy way to get started on your gardening journey, they can be amazing collectors’ items that last a lifetime - sometimes even longer.

Mr. Anderson has been gifted with the ultimate green thumb and his knowledge of horticulture is expansive and impressive. He has said that one of his passions in life is taking plants and growing them to their “full potential of excellence.” Because of this devotion, Mr. Anderson has decided to share his esteemed private collection of houseplants that he has grown himself with all of you. In this curated collection, you will find that Mr. Anderson’s expert knowledge and craftsmanship has made these plants that are up for auction examples of excellence. 


How the Silent Plant Auction Works:

  1. Each plant auction will run Monday through Sunday. 
  2. Come to our Independence location in Virginia Beach, VA to participate.
  3. Take a bidding slip, fill it out, and place your bid in the box provided.
  4. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder wins and will be contacted via phone or email to come and receive their expertly grown houseplant specimen. 


If you aren’t already hooked, here are some of the plants that have already been up for auction: 

  1. Ficus Triangularis - 

This ficus is not like the rest. With its uniquely shaped variegated leaves, this plant is definitely a show-stopper. Native to South Africa, these ficuses are used to warm temperatures and thrive in household environments. Water this plant deeply when the top half-inch of soil feels dry. To keep their variegated leaves vibrant, make sure to place in very bright in-direct sunlight indoors and full shade if kept outdoors in the summers. 

  1. Ficus Nerifolia - 

Known as the “willow leaf ficus” or the “willow leaf fig”, this plant is an excellent example of what a perfect bonsai can be. Prized by many collectors, the ficus nerifolia has light green, thinly-shaped leaves that can create a spiked look when pruned a certain way. These plants like very bright light, well-draining soil, and temperatures between 60-95 degrees. 

  1. Calathea Warscewiczii - 

With a beautifully dark texture and design, these plants are more than just aesthetically pleasing, they also feel amazing. The calathea warscewiczii has velvet-like leaves that are soft and cozy to the touch. The plants like moist soil and bright to medium, indirect light for best results. Humidity is also very important to this plant as its native environment is tropical. 

Tune in next week to our Facebook and Instagram stories for the next plant on Mr. Anderson's list. For more information on houseplants in general, check out our page here.