The Top 10 Sunsational Plants of the Summer

When the weather is warm and bright, it’s always a great time to get out and enjoy your garden. You may notice some of your early spring blooms are now fading and it’s time for a refresh! We have put together a list of some of our top favorite plants to give you that summer color you are just dreaming of. 


10. Black-Eyed Susan

This plant is always and forever a classic summer-loving perennial. Rudbeckia, or more commonly known as, Black-Eyed Susan, shows off bright yellow petals that can just light up a garden bed. This bloomer loves full sun and well-draining soil. Deadhead the blooms throughout the season to keep a clean look as well as promote more growth. 


9. Purslane

Purslane is a part of the succulent plant family. This means that it thrives in soil that is dry but not dried out. This heat-loving plant loves to be left to bloom, so be sure not to over-water, but definitely pay attention to the foliage and blooms as the summer starts heating up. It is best to give this plant a thorough watering when the soil is dry to the touch at least one inch down.


8. Celosia

Famously bee-loved by our pollinator pals, celosia is a star in the garden during the summer. Not only is the color and texture of the blooms vibrant and interesting, but they are easy to take care of throughout the season, even into the fall. Place celosia in a sunny spot and keep in well-draining soil for best blooming results.


7. Marigolds

This annual, although a bit of an underdog in the garden bed, is sure to stun you through performance throughout the summer season. They are not very fussy plants, as they enjoy full sun and do not mind a forgetful gardener when it comes to watering. For optimal growing results, make sure to water marigolds thoroughly until the water drains out of the container or until your garden bed is fully saturated. Then just sit back and enjoy the fantastic color that it brings to your garden!


PRO-TIP: Are mosquitos just killing your summer outdoor patio vibes? Add marigolds to a pot with citronella for a mosquito-repelling container that is also absolutely gorgeous. 


6. Hydrangeas

This shrub is not only a lovely plant to have in your garden, it is also a glorious summer bloomer. Hydrangeas are an intriguing plant from their frilly clouds of blooms to their wide-leaved, dark green foliage. This sun-loving shrub, however, does love lots of water to keep its beautiful blooms happy all season. Hydrangeas are also special because you have the ability to change their bloom color depending on how acidic or basic the soil is. To learn more about this process, stop by our stores to ask our Garden Supply Green Team members for assistance. 


5. Lantana

This iconic summer bloomer is bursting with color all summer and maybe attracting some butterflies along the way! Lantana is a pollinator favorite, which you can read more about in our blog here. Keep this annual in bright sun all season long. When you go to water lantana, do so thoroughly and deeply. For an added flare, place lantana in hanging baskets along your porch or patio for an elevated look in your garden. 


4. Canna Lilies

Tropical and fabulous, canna lilies entice us with bold color and foliage. Because of their already established vacation-like look, these full sun perennials are perfect for placing around the pool or around the backyard barbecue area for an unforgettable garden party. Make sure to continuously prune and deadhead these plants all season to keep up the upscale elegance of canna lilies. 


3. Crepe Myrtles

Hampton Roads’ favorite plant is back and blooming for the summer! Crepe myrtles come in a variety of tree and shrub-like shapes making them very versatile for your garden. They generally have smaller, dome-shaped canopies that bloom profusely in the summer with colors of red, pink, white, and purple. Watering when these plants are young is very important and keeping them mulched is also essential to keeping them healthy. Place in full sun for an abundance of blooms every year! Don't forget to come see us for Crepe Myrtle Days July 16th-17th, 2022 for great savings on summer favorites. 


2. Tropical & Perennial Hibiscus

Some of the most amazing tropical bloomers out there are hibiscus plants. Although the tropical and perennial varieties are both hibiscus, they have slightly different characteristics and needs from one another. Mainly, tropical hibiscus is considered an annual in our area of Hampton Roads as they grow naturally in tropical environments, or USDA zones 9-11. Perennial Hibiscus, however, can live year-round and is considered a perennial in this area, or zones 4-9. The flower shapes are also slightly differing, making a beautiful display of plate-sized blooms to enjoy all season. Place both varieties in full sun and water thoroughly throughout the summer. 


1. Coneflowers

We will always be a fan of coneflowers here at the garden center as they are pollinator preferred plants, gorgeously colorful, and easy to grow. Not to mention, they are perennials, so you can get the same, wonderful growing experience every year in your garden with coneflowers. As a summer fave, you know that coneflowers love full sun of 6+ hours per day. Grab coneflowers in a rainbow of red, pink, yellow, orange, purple, or white for a flourishing display of summer color in containers or garden beds. 

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