The Top 5 Holiday Houseplants

Houseplants can be both the gateway to gardening as well as a way to celebrate plants, even when the weather has gone cold for the season. Decorating with houseplants can last all year-round and some houseplants are even specific to the season of holiday cheer that we are in right now!


We have gathered the perfect list (and checked it twice) for our top 5 Holiday Houseplants that you should add to your shopping list this year. Gather all five for your family and friends or even give a gift to yourself this year because we all know you deserve it!


5. Holiday Cactus

This incredible houseplant is a beloved cactus that we feel every avid houseplant owner should have in their collection. Not only does this plant bloom profusely during the holiday season, but it also looks great all year round with succulent foliage like no other. Holiday cacti are made up of leaf segments called phylloclades and these segments will keep growing from the ends of older ones. These cacti also can live for many years and are great sharing plants, so they really exemplify the holiday season. 


4. Grinchmas Trees

Our famous Grinchmas trees are back for the holidays! These tiny cypress trees are decorated as if The Grinch and Max did it themselves, with a single ornament at the very top of the plant. This holiday special is only around this time of year, so it is a perfect accent to any kid’s room or even if you have a grinch theme in your home. One of the best parts of this gift is that you can plant the cypress tree up on its own after the holiday season is over, with enough joy to make any heart grow three sizes!


3. Moth Orchids

Phalaenopsis, or moth orchids, are one of the most elegant plants to give for the holidays. Their blooms are absolutely stunning and orchids, in general, are a great gift for budding, or experienced houseplant enthusiasts. Care for moth orchids is fairly simple, as they do not need extremely bright light and like to go a little dryer between waterings. For more information on moth orchid care, check out Mike, the Garden Guru’s webinar here. 


2. Amaryllis

This bulb shines oh-so-bright with holiday decor. Amaryllis bulbs can bloom amazingly large flowers spanning 5-10 inches across with vibrant colors of red, white, pink, and even mixtures of all 3! For more information on Amaryllis care and even a bloom calendar for you to follow, check out our blog on Holly Jolly Holiday Bulbs here


1. Poinsettias 

Now for the pièce de résistance, our all time favorite holiday houseplant is the poinsettia! These plants are famous for their flower-like leaves called bracts, that shine with color when they are blooming. These bracts will turn more of a regular green leaf color when they age or are out of season. At McDonald Garden Center, we carry poinsettias in a variety of colors and styles including variegated, rounded, or rose-like petals. Some of the most famous colors, however, are red, traditional white, and pink.


If you are looking for where to grab some of our amazing holiday houseplants, check out our sales page here for pricing and our locations page here for hours and locations.