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How to Get Rid of Crepe Myrtle Suckers

Crepe myrtles are cherished for their vibrant blooms and elegant structure, adding beauty to gardens and landscapes. However, as much as we adore these trees, they can sometimes produce unwanted growth called “suckers”. If you find yourself grappling with these persistent intruders, fear not! In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to effectively get rid of crepe myrtle suckers and restore the beauty of your tree.  

Prune and Groom - How To Make Your Shrubs Stand Out

Sharpen your pruners and get ready to groom! Keeping your plants looking fresh is an important aspect to upholding your garden’s happy and healthy appearance. It’s not only important to cut back any wayward branches, but also to groom the plants to your liking. Are you trying to shape them a certain way? Do you want to control the size of the plant? These reasons and more are great inspirations to get out in the garden to prune your landscape’s trees and shrubs.  

Sharpen Your Shears, Time for Winter Pruning

Most people think that pruning is a job for the summer and fall seasons. While it is best to prune certain types of trees and shrubs during the warmer months, winter is the optimum pruning time for many deciduous trees and shrubs- when plants are still dormant and a few weeks before buds start swelling and sap starts flowing again. BENEFITS OF WINTER PRUNING