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From Desert to Decor: 5 Unexpected Aspects of Cacti & Succulents

In the world of houseplants, there's one category that stands out for its ability to thrive in almost any environment: succulents and cacti. These plants aren't just resilient, they also bring a unique aesthetic to your home decor. But there's more to these desert darlings than meets the eye. Let's dive into five unexpected aspects of succulents and cacti that make them perfect for bringing into your home.

How to Really Care for Succulents

Ah, succulents. With their captivating shapes, stunning colors, and survival skills that would make Bear Grylls jealous, these desert divas have taken the gardening world by storm. But let's be honest, caring for succulents can sometimes feel like you’re trying to tame a wild mustang. Fear not, our fellow green-thumb enthusiasts, for McDonald Garden Center has got your back! Prepare to embark on a wild journey into the world of succulent care, armed with our entertaining guide and a sprinkle of plant-whisperer wisdom.

Living Room Ready Houseplants

Houseplants have made a big comeback these days, taking over homes, offices, and social media. Cared for correctly, indoor plants can last for many years. But before you bring one home, you’ll need to know the care requirements, so you can give it exactly what it needs. We’ve highlighted a few of our most popular houseplants and tips on how to best care for them.  PHALAENOPSIS ORCHIDS

Get Ahead of the Carve, DIY Succulent Pumpkin

Fall is clearly the season for pumpkins- pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin candles, pumpkin butter, and of course, pumpkin decor. And when it comes to fall decorating, these colorful orbs are the universal symbol of autumn. Who hasn't carved a silly or spooky face into the orange-colored squash to light the way for trick-or-treaters on Halloween? But pumpkins aren't just for Halloween. In fact, they can be used and displayed in a variety of different ways.