Summer Perennials

From the McDonald Garden Center Blog

Our Top 10 Shady Plants in Stock

Today, we're excited to share our top 10 shady plants currently in stock at our year-round locations and garden markets. These annual and perennial plants are perfect for adding color, texture, and vibrancy to those tricky low-light areas of your garden. Plus, we’ve included some handy care tips for each one. Let's dive in!

All About Coneflowers: A Perennial Summer

Coneflowers are probably the most popular summer flowers there are, especially here at McDonald Garden Center. They don’t only come in a slew of colors, but are also important pollinator plants, add height to your garden, and are great cut flowers. In this blog, we’re looking into the attributes of coneflowers and how to care for them so you can add some to your garden (even if you have a few million of them already).