Why Fall is Great for Planting

Do you feel the mornings getting cooler and the days getting shorter? The fall season is upon us! Fall is great time of year for planting, mainly because the heat of the summer has let up, giving your plants’ root systems enough time to “chill out” before they need to hunker down again for the cold winter months. This stress-free period makes it a great time to get your plants grounded and established, giving the roots enough time to get cozy and comfortable in the soil. So, grab your sweater, and your steaming morning coffee, because there is so much gardening to do this season!

Starting Small

If you are newer to gardening, planting large quantities of blooms, or even planting a fall veggie garden, can be a bit overwhelming. Try starting out with a few of these ideas to get into the fall gardening spirit: 

  • Container Gardening

Containers are not only easy, but fun too! Mix and match your favorite fall plants to make the perfect, show-stopping pot. Don’t know what plants go well together? Our Green Team members are here to help whether it’s for care or just making sure your container is looking its best.

  • Porch Decorating

Extend your new love for fall containers one step further with porch decorating! Especially when we are moving into the spookiest month of all, you just can’t go without a beautifully decorated porch. Adding in pumpkins, gourds, garden flags, and other fun decor to your newly-planted containers can really give your space personality. 

  • Grab a New Houseplant to Love On

Bring fall indoors with some awesome fall-themed houseplants like crotons, florist mums, anthuriums, kalanchoes, and so much more. In the Hampton Roads area, hoseplants can even be apart of your porch decor until the nights get generally and consistently below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. To get a better perspective on what is in stock now, give our houseplant green team experts a call.

Make an Impact

For the gardener who wants a bit of a challenge and a season full of planting instead of a quicker project, try these ideas on for size. 

  • Veggie Gardening

Veggie gardening is an extremely rewarding fall activity that the whole family can participate in. During this time of year, cole crops are the main type of veggies that are available. Grow plants like lettuces, kale, beets, carrots, turnips, and many more during the fall growing season. Start these veggies in a greenhouse, in the ground, or even in a container for fresh veggies at the end of the fall season. To get inspired, check out the Garden Guru’s top 5 fall veggies here.

  • Mass Plantings

When you are looking to make an immediate impact on your garden, mass plantings are the way to go. Find your favorite assortment of annuals from pansies to mums and ornamental peppers to create a colorful display bursting from your garden. This is also a great way to be rid of any lingering summer blooms and just start fresh!

  • Re-Do Your Patio

Time to re-vamp that patio you’ve been meaning to by planting new plants, including decor, and of course, adding in large elements like furniture! Here in Hampton Roads, there is almost no other time of year where the weather is oh-so-perfect. So, make the most of it by creating your backyard getaway with a new lounge set, some outdoor pillows, and even a firepit to enjoy time gathering with friends and family during the season.

Overall, fall is a great time of year to get out in the garden and start some new  planting projects, big or small. There are opportunities for every kind of gardener, the annual planter, the trees & shrubs connoisseur, and even the houseplant enthusiast.   

For more information about fall gardening, check out the Garden Guru and his webinars with new plants, products, and expert planting advice. To keep inspired and grow with us, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok to dig into the joys of gardening!