Winter's Most Captivating Blooms

Hellebores are truly winter's most captivating blooms. They are evergreen perennials, meaning they will keep their leaves year round. But, it's their beautiful, showy flowers during winter that really steal the show. These staples of the winter garden are tough as nails and take center stage in the winter landscape.

They come in a large variety from rosey pinks to white flowers and all have lovely dark green foliage. Use them in a shady spot in containers or flower beds. Hellebores mix well with all kinds of spring-flowering bulbs, as well as shade-loving perennials like hostas, ferns and even columbines. They even looked great planted beneath a shade tree or mixed with deciduous shrubs and ornamentals. Once planted and established, the hellebore will bring joy to your garden for many years to come. Caring for hellebores requires planting in a rich, fairly moist soil that drains well. Hellebores do not like to be disturbed or moved, so it's best to find a good location and plant them permanently in one spot. In the early winter, the older foliage turns brown. When this happens, we recommend simply trimming away the old foliage to keep the plants looking its best. They are even deer resistant for an added benefit. These beauties will add surprise and delight to your garden all year long, especially in winter!