April 20, 2023

Tomato Wars: Which Variety Will Reign Supreme?

Get ready for the ultimate tomato showdown with Garden Guru Mike Westphal's "Tomato Wars: Which Variety Will Reign Supreme?" webinar. During this thrilling webinar, Mike will take you on a tour of the most delicious tomato varieties, from juicy beefsteaks to tangy heirlooms and everything in between. You'll learn which varieties are best for your space, how to care for your plants, and tips for maximizing your harvest. But that's not all! Mike will also be conducting a taste test of the top tomato varieties, pitting them against each other to determine which ones will reign supreme. Get ready to cheer on your favorites and discover some new contenders for your garden. Let's have some fun and find out which tomato varieties will come out on top in the ultimate tomato takedown!