Appreciating Mr. Anderson

This week we are admiring the man that started it all, our founder, Eddie Anderson. McDonald Garden Center has been locally owned and operated for over 75 years and this legacy could not have happened without the passion of growing, selling, and educating the community of Hampton Roads from Mr. Anderson.

Back in 1945, McDonald Garden Center started as “McDonald’s Garden Supply Center” and was owned by the McDonald family who locally sold plants and garden supply products to the tiny community of Princess Anne County. 

Mr. Anderson started his gardening journey as a young boy in his father’s Hampton backyard greenhouse. The love of plants has been in the Anderson family for generations and Mr. Anderson took this to the next level by building a business from his favorite activity. In 1973, Mr. Anderson started the journey of taking the company to what we know it as today: A gardening business with 2 year-round locations, 10 Garden Markets, and a Landscape Design and Installation division. The business has taken many different approaches over the years with changes in growing plants, locations, and ways of making the business better. But the commitment to garden excellence and education has always been the same. The current owner and legacy of McDonald Garden Center, Mark Anderson, continues to grow the ambitions of the Garden Center that his father built. To get more of Mark’s perspective on our growing business, check out our blog on our McDonald Garden Markets



As we move forward with the company, we continue to acknowledge Mr. Anderson’s lifetime of plant education and passion. There is no shortage of things to learn when it comes to plants, and Mr. Anderson is very aware of this. Things at the garden center are changing all the time, so new information on plant cultivars, solutions for pests, and so much more continue to change as the garden center continues to grow!



Come enjoy Eddie Anderson Appreciation Week with us here at McDonald Garden Center by checking out Mr. A’s favorite plants and products in-store and on our Facebook and Instagram pages for exclusive interviews and information. Also, don’t forget to check out Mike, the Garden Guru’s webinar with Mr. Anderson on container gardening on March 31st, 2022 @ 11 am on Facebook LIVE.