Our Best in Birding: Top Products in Stock Now

At McDonald Garden Center, we're thrilled to present our finest selection of birding products that will create a haven for local feathered friends right in your backyard. From premium bird seed to innovative feeders and charming birdhouses, we have everything you need to attract a diverse array of birds to your garden. Let's take a closer look at our top products:

Hummingbird feeder
  1. Mr. Bird Products:

Mr. Bird Bird Seed & Suet is a favorite among birds for its high-quality ingredients and irresistible flavors. Packed with nutritious seeds and suet, this blend provides essential energy for birds year-round. They have mixes such as “ Flaming Hot Feast” to keep the squirrels at bay and “Wildbird Feast”, perfect for your everyday backyard birds. Each batch of Mr. Bird seed undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure freshness, making it a reliable choice for bird enthusiasts.

  1. Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder:

Say goodbye to pesky squirrels with the Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder! This innovative feeder features a unique design that closes the feeding ports when a squirrel tries to access it, ensuring that your bird seed stays safe for your feathered visitors. This bird feeder is made with durable materials and easy-to-clean components, this feeder is built to last and will provide years of enjoyment for both you and the birds.

  1. Audubon Bird Feeders:

Audubon Bird Feeders are renowned for their craftsmanship and functionality. With a variety of styles to choose from, including tube feeders, hopper feeders, and platform feeders, there's an Audubon feeder to suit every backyard. These feeders are designed in collaboration with bird experts to ensure optimal bird attraction and feeding efficiency, making them a top choice for bird enthusiasts.

  1. Wild Delight Products:

Wild Delight Bird Seed and Suet blends are specially formulated to attract a wide range of bird species, from colorful songbirds to energetic woodpeckers. With a diverse mix of seeds, nuts, and fruits, these blends offer a nutritious feast for your avian visitors. Enriched with vitamins and minerals, Wild Delight products promote overall bird health and vitality, helping to keep your feathered friends coming back for more.

  1. Bamboo Birdhouses:

Add a more modern look to your garden with Bamboo Birdhouses! Handcrafted from sustainable bamboo, these birdhouses provide a cozy shelter for nesting birds while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Bamboo is a natural, eco-friendly material that is resistant to weathering and decay, ensuring that these birdhouses will withstand the elements and provide a safe haven for birds season after season.Not to mention, they come in a variety of styles!

Explore our selection of top birding products today at our year-round locations (link) in Virginia Beach and embark on a journey of discovery and delight with the birds in your own backyard! To keep inspired and grow with us, follow us on FacebookInstagramPinterest, and TikTok to dig into the joys of gardening!