Spring in Hampton Roads - Gardening To Do List

Is spring really spring without your favorite garden center?

We have been serving Hampton Roads’ needs for over 75 years with our expertise, gardening advice, and unique plant material. So, we definitely know what you need to make your garden pop this season. To help make the process even easier, we have collected some spring tips that you can check off your to-do list this national gardening month. 


  1. Add in Big Color with Annuals -  

It’s time to bring your containers and beds back to life with bright color! Find the varieties that work best with your yard by paying attention to the amount of sun throughout the day. Annuals such as petunias, calibrachoa, begonias, dusty miller, Persian shield, geraniums, coleus, and zinnia will grow quickly in the warming temperatures and will provide an intense burst of color to your beds and containers, telling everyone in the neighborhood, “Spring has begun!”

  1. Feed Your New and Existing Plants -

When you are potting up your new plants, it is best to add a slow-release fertilizer to get your plants growing on the best path. Use a universal granular plant food like our McDonald Garden Center greenLeaf or Espoma’s Biotone Starter plus for a boost in your plants’ growing performance. Look for plant foods with potassium to help promote flower growth and nitrogen to encourage foliage growth.

  1. Time to Water - 

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to start watering more often. It’s best to water your garden early in the morning so, as the season goes on, the water does not evaporate too quickly. Late afternoon/early evening watering is also okay if the plants have ample time to dry before nightfall, so the roots won’t be sitting in soggy soil. Newly planted trees, shrubs, and perennials with roots close to the soil surface need watering very regularly since watering frequently is essential until new plants become established. Mulching around the base of the plant will also help the water soak in rather than run off the surface.

  1. Mulch is Key to Plant Health -

Mulch is one of the most important things you can do for your garden bed plants this spring. Not only does it help reduce the number of weeds that pop up in your garden by depriving them of sunlight, but mulch also reduces water loss from the soil, helps maintain a constant soil temperature, and gives your garden a neat and finished look. For more information on mulching, see our blog on the 5 Best Mulching Practices that you can do for your garden this spring. 

  1. Weeding for the Perfect Landscape -

Start your spring off right with a thorough weeding of your garden and lawn. There is no such thing as a garden without weeds, so take a deep breath and start the cathartic process of pulling! Pulling weeds is easier when the soil is moist since you are more likely to get the whole root system and your yanking won't disturb surrounding plants as much either. If you are looking for more solutions to weeding and weed prevention, our garden supply experts are here in-store to help you find the best solution to your problem.


McDonald Garden Center is always here to help you with your spring gardening needs! Please give us a call if you ever have any questions about the plants and products you are looking for. Don’t forget to keep up to date on all things spring through our Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. All season long we have amazing sales events, workshops, and seminars to get you gardening.

We’ll see you soon!