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Add a stylish, focal point to your garden design and give a spot to your fine feathered friends.

A bird bath is an artificial 'puddle' or small shallow pond, filled with water. It offers a spot for birds to bathe and 'cool off' as well as, offering a spot for birds to drink from. It is an attraction for many different species of birds, especially during the heat of the summer and during drought periods. A birdbath can also be a garden ornament to add interest in the landscape.

Pack a Punch in your garden with easy to grow Knock Out Roses. This stunning shrub rose has great disease resistance with little to no maintenance required. The blooms range from cherry red to bubblegum pink to sunny yellow and will bloom repeatedly until the first hard frost. What’s not to love!

Things are 'looking up' in the garden this summer and classic vines are 'climbing' in popularity in the gardening world. Vines can add a finishing touch to any landscape, by providing color and vertical interest. Vines are ideal for hiding eyesores, providing privacy, softening the monotony of plain fencing and transforming a plain arbor or pergola into a focal point of your garden. They are also the perfect choice in tight spaces since they grow vertically. Most require low maintenance and often draw the attention of colorful butterflies and delightful little hummingbirds.


If a stroll around your neighborhood this spring and summer and notice a pinker-than-usual palette -- don’t be too surprised. There’s a good chance that you’re witnessing the effects of “Pink Day!” Join McDonald Garden Center and Sentara, on Saturday, April 28, and help the fight against breast cancer. Visit any of the McDonald year-round or Garden Market locations and purchase from a variety of pink plants including pink Geraniums, Petunias, Azaleas and Knockout Roses and 15% of the proceeds will support breast cancer research and prevention.