Summer Gardening

From the McDonald Garden Center Blog

Plant of the Week: Perennial Hibiscus

When most people think of hibiscus they think of a tropical plant that grows in warm climates like Hawaii or Florida. Well, if you love the look of hibiscus but think it can only be grown in very warm climates don’t fret. If you crave a touch of the tropics, perennial hibiscus is a must. The perennial hibiscus should not be confused with the tropical hibiscus, which will not survive a winter freeze. Perennial varieties are true, cold hardy shrubs that die back each winter only to reemerge in the spring even bigger and better! And best of all, these beauties are easy to care for.

Summer in the 757! Gardening To-Dos

Well, summer is officially upon us Hampton Roads! With the days getting longer and temperatures on the rise, your garden needs a little TLC, and summertime is all about garden maintenance! Whether growing fruits and veggies, or maintaining your ornamentals, there’s plenty to do this month. Here's a few simple tips to help you get the most out of your summer landscape: